MS250ML EEC 6-In-1 Diesel Fuel System DPF Cleaner Solution 250ml

MS250ML EEC 6-In-1 Diesel Fuel System DPF Cleaner Solution 250ml

One bottle can treat over 400 litres of fuel at 25ml shot dosage which is approx 10 shots (depending on fuel tank capacity)


The new 6-in-1 DPF Solution from EEC cleans Carbon throughout the Fuel and Emissions System, assisting DPF regeneration.

One 25ml shot cleans:

  • Injectors
  • EGR Valve
  • Fuel Vaporiser
  • Turbo
  • Sensors
  • Assists Regeneration

One bottle can be used with over 400 litres of fuel (at 25ml shot dosages), which allows the customer to save fuel and increase MPG, cleans the vehicle engine system, combat DPF blockages, is cheaper than premium fuel and lowers emissions.

What does it actually do?

EEC 6-in-1 is a fuel borne catalyst formulation that helps Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) to regenerate by reducing the natural combustion temperature required to burn off the trapped particulate matter (unburnt carbon, engine oil debris and soot) by up to 150c.

EEC 6-in-1 also cleanses all of the fuel and emissions system of carbon deposits which leads to improved MPG and engine performance, reduces smoke, lowers emissions, cleans and lubricates.

Why choose the 6-in-1 DPF Solution?

  • Can be used to prevent DPF issues or to combat blocked DPFs
  • Reduces carbon deposits and prevents build up within the engine
  • Developed in association with an Oxford University company
  • Suitable for all Diesel Engined Vehicles
  • Used by UK bus operators

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